Hannah MacLeod


Hannah MacLeod

Let's face it, if you're British the idea of packing away all your knitwear come Spring is about as silly as taking a wooly jumper to the Bahamas.  Infact, last year I'm not even sure that I packed my Winter clothes away.  So, with this in mind, here is the perfect knitted jumper for those less than warm British Spring days.

And where does this jumper come from?  Anthropologie.  


I have recently fallen back in love with Anthropologie.  When it first hit our British shores it was a breath of fresh air, offering lots of slightly different pieces which stood out from the usual high-street fare.  Pitched at a higher price point, their clothes were sufficiently unique to justify buying.  However they then lost their way in my opinion, offering collections that were hippy and floral whilst most people were calling for minimal and chic.  Anyhow.... the big floral patterns and ankle grazing dresses are back in fashion in a big way and Anthropologie once more, is back in vogue.

Not only are their clothes looking great, but their accessories are fantastic.  If you're on the search for big statement earrings then look no further.  I was in there the other day and came across their alice bands.  They. Are. Gorgeous.  Such a perfect alternative to wearing a hat at a wedding.  Check them out, they won't disappoint.  

Anyway, I digress..... 


This bright red coat is also from Anthropologie.  Although it looks thick, it's actually remarkably lightweight and would be incredibly useful for those less than warm Spring days.  Being the colour that it is, it would also still feel appropriate out of the usual 'coat seasons'. 

Bright red is a fantastic colour to wear as you get older.  I think there is a tendency to gravitate towards the more muted palettes as one moves through the decades but actually to embrace colour is definitely the way forward.   Wearing colour brings out the colour in your skin and revitalises complexions.  It's the perfect antidote to a bad night's sleep!  Well.....it definitely helps. 


These jeans are by COS.  They are a full length jean which I have rolled up- I put it down to that weird bare-ankle obsession I have.  The wash of denim is perfect for Spring/Summer - this particular colour looks really lovely with plain white.  Infact, these jeans, a plain white oxford shirt, a pair of pumps and you're ready to go.


As I've mentioned before (in Sherbert Pink), leopard print is a 'neutral' in my opinion and by that I mean that, surprisingly, it goes with most colours in the same way that black or navy do.  So, leopard print shoes are such a great item to invest in.     


But above all, always make sure that your car matches your outfit.  



Jumper - Anthropologie . Coat - Anthropologie .  Culottes - Weekend MaxMara .  Plimsoles - Superga .  Bag - Zara . Earrings - Topshop     


Jumper - Anthropologie . Coat - Anthropologie . Jeans - COS . Shoes - Office . Bag - Zara .   

Photography and Artwork by Alexandra Mooney