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fashionHannah MacLeod
candy stripes

There is definitely a theme emerging here.  Mum and I love stripes, so if you are planning on following us on a regular basis then prepare for stripe spam - and lots of it.  I'm not even sure what it is about stripes that I love so much.  Maybe it's the freshness of white in stark contrast with another colour that I like or the perfect symmetry of one line after another. It might also be the association with nice things - sweet packets, deck chairs, summer uniforms (finally, no kilts!) worn pyjamas or faded pillow cases...who knows.  What I do know is it's a timeless pattern, one that looks great whether you are 6 years old or 60 years old.  


Of course stripes do get a bit of a bad rep in terms of how flattering they are considered to be.  I personally believe that the trade off is worth it. If you love a particular garment, and it works well with what you are wearing, then go for it!  I can guarantee that no-one will notice anything else, other than the fact that you are wearing a great outfit.  That said, if stripes really do cause you a lot of concern then the basic theory is; vertical stripes are more slimming than horizontal ones and generally speaking, wider stripes are more forgiving in terms of lumps and bumps than stripes which are narrower.   


Due to the cinched in waist of this Weekend MaxMara skirt, I believe it to be flattering on most body types.  As long as you go in a bit at the waist then it will look great.  If however the lower half of your stomach is where you feel most self-conscious, then rather than tuck in your top you could wear a t-shirt or blouse that sits just on your hips. This would look fab too.  The dramatic nature of this skirt is such that even if it is not the most flattering garment that you have ever worn, it will still look super striking and cool.  On mum, we have paired it with a cornflower blue, silk and wool jumper.  It is lightweight and therefore perfect for tucking in as it doesn't create much bulk.  It could also be worn out.  Cornflower blue is such a perfect colour on all complexions.  It brings life to even the palest and sleep deprived of faces, the perfect antidote to a bad night's kip!  

A necklace is a great way of tying an outfit together.  The colours in this one from COS do just that.  As a necklace it is also incredibly striking and would serve to add interest to a super simple outfit too.  For example it would look fab with a plain navy dress.  


To keep the look low-key, we have paired Mum's outfit with trainers, but a tan or nude sandal would look lovely.  At the moment, it would probably be more weather appropriate too!  The straw bag works particularly well. It's circular wooden handle compliments the rust colour in the skirt and is a great design detail.  Finally, the white shirt helps to highlight the beautiful colour of the jumper as well as tie in the white trainers. Quick hack, pull up the sleeves for a more relaxed look.


I am wearing the same size skirt as mum. I am slightly smaller than her, so wear it on my hips rather than my waist.  For me and my naturally relaxed style, this works well.  The skirt therefore sits longer which I like too.  It is designed to be worn on your waist and so I would be inclined to say buy it to fit on your waist but obviously go with whatever you feel most comfortable with.   I have gone all-out stripes and paired the skirt with this light-blue and white shirt.  Of course, if you bought this skirt to wear as it was intended, this shirt would also look great tucked in.  I should also add that it is SO soft and very lightweight.

Sweatshirts have had a massive renaissance in the last few seasons. The one I'm wearing is a perfect example.  Super plain, but with a small zip detail at the back.  Perhaps more sky blue than cornflower blue, it is also a beautiful colour that suits all complexions.  Clearly though, everyone else has had the same thoughts about this jumper and since shooting this, it has sold out! No surprise.  However,  I have added the link to a great Jigsaw alternative.  Sweatshirts are a perfect cover-up for cooler Summer evenings - when I think of sweatshirts and Summer I think of pub gardens in Cornwall and salty skin.... and hey, if you wore this outfit at the British seaside, you'd no doubt blend in with the theme.... 



Skirt, Weekend MaxMara . Jumper, Weekend MaxMara (sold out but (much cheaper!) alternative here) .  Shirt, & Other Stories . Bag, Zara . Necklace, COS (sadly sold out but this necklace would also look fab) . Trainers, Superga .  


Skirt, Weekend MaxMara . Sweatshirt, Kin by John Lewis (sold out but lovely alternative here) . Shirt, Levi's . Bag, COS (pink has sold out but the white would also look great) . Trainers, Nike