Hannah MacLeod

A whiter shade of pale

Hannah MacLeod
A whiter shade of pale

We’re back! After a baby shaped hiatus, I’m a dress size bigger, a lot tireder, a bit older but much happier as the proud mummy of a squidgy little 5 month old baby girl. Eliza Rose Williams arrived (almost in a carpark) on the 6th April and has been putting her older sister’s nose out of joint ever since.

For our first post since, and as it’s September (how did that happen?), it feels appropriate to discuss the transitioning of our wardrobes from Summer to Autumn. As much as possible I like to have an overlap between both. At a time when the fashion industries’s effect on our climate is more apparent than ever, it is so important for all of us to think about how we can reduce the amount of clothes we acquire. I do of course, appreciate the irony of me talking about this whilst running a fashion blog that regularly posts about new outfits and new clothes but I hope that it provides inspiration on how to adapt your current wardrobe, as much as it does encourage you to go out and buy new things.

With this in mind, this week both mum and I are in outfits that are comprised of pieces that are suitable for both Summer and Autumn. Macs never go out of fashion, they are as relevant today as they were at their inception almost 200 years ago. This one by Marks and Spencer (featured in our Sunday Scroll) is a classic shape at a good price. Mum is also wearing a lightweight turtle neck that works very well as a top on it’s own but would be great to layer under another jumper or indeed a summer shirt dress as the weather cools. Both of us are wearing cream trousers which obviously look great in the Summer but cream is also a lovely colour to wear in Autumn with chunky knits in darker shades like grey and beige.


Wide leg trousers, copped just above the ankle are a popular shape for this season. I particularly like wide leg trousers that are high waisted. To me, this looks more elegant than a lower waist. If you have full length trousers that you feel could do with a modern re-boot then you could consider having them taken up by a tailor to a modern, contemporary length. Be warned though, the full length trousers will come back in vogue so perhaps don’t go mad! You could always fold up the bottom of your jeans so that it is a less permanent adjustment.

Mum’s bag is from a collaboration by Label Mix and Kate Sheridan. Label Mix is a curation of pieces by up-and-coming designers that are generally more affordable than their own lines. Label Mix can be found on the Next website and is worth a look.


I absolutely love this cardigan by & Other Stories. At £95 it is not cheap but to be honest, I think that it is a very good price for the quality and design. It is a lovely thick knit which holds the structure of it’s balloon sleeves really well. I love the tight ribbed cuffs and waist, it just looks so elegant. The bobble applique is gorgeous which makes it look a lot more ‘designer’ and belies its high street origin.

The shoes are Vans and a departure from their usual styles but work really well I think - they are also super comfy.


Photography and artwork, Alexandra Mooney



Top, Jigsaw, £98

Trousers, & Other Stories, £65

Mac, Marks & Spencer, £119

Earrings, Deborah Blythe, £155

Bag, Kate Sheridan @ Label Mix, £196

Plimsoles, Superga, £65


Cardigan, & Other Stories, £95

Trousers, & Other Stories, £75

Earrings, Deborah Blythe, £185

Plimsoles, Vans, £70