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A Rose Amongst the Thorns

fashionHannah MacLeod
A Rose Amongst the Thorns

This week we're all about pink.  Not pink in the fluffy, candy floss, sticky fingers blubblegum sort of way, but pink in the more grown up sense.  Muted soft pinks with brownish undertones, pinks that even the tomboyish of tomboys could stomach, pinks that can be taken through into Autumn -pinks that can be worn with grey cashmere and cream cable knit jumpers.   


Pink can be worn at any age, infact I'm tempted to say that it looks better, the older the lady.  Mum is wearing a seersucker gingham dress (see more on gingham here) in pink and black from.....out favourite, Toast.  Throughout the day, mum couldn't stop talking about how much she loved it.  The black with the pink obviously keeps the overall colour muted which is key to the success of it.  A shirt-dress in style, but cut loosely around the waist to give it a slightly oversized look, it's the perfect laid-back summer dress for the day and evening.   What is particularly great about it is that you could easily wear it in winter too with a pair of thick black/dark grey tights and jumper, either in dark grey or black- or even navy blue or cream.  I would be temped to say, go for something quite long in length (like this one for example) but a shorter, more fitted style would look stylish too (like here).  And then a lovely, heavy wool Crombie coat over the top, and you're ready to go.   


As soon as I saw this dress in COS, I knew that I had to have it.  It's the simplicity of the plain, flat front breaking into the heavily pleated bottom that I love so much.  I also like that the back of the hem is slightly longer than the front, I think that it is an elegant touch.  It has a dropped waist which I always gravitate towards because I have a bit of a 'boy' figure.  I basically go a bit 'up and down' so this particular style suits me.  However, if you are more curvy, then it's not always the most flattering of shapes.  That's not to say that it won't suit you, it's just worth a try before you buy!  I don't like having the tops of my arms out so I have chosen to wear it with a white t-shirt.  A very pale pink t-shirt would also look good, or even a short sleeved blouse, with the collar pulled out over the neckline.   For winter, a tight fitting, long sleeved polo neck would look great (see here).     


I love a good 'layer', which is why I will always prefer winter dressing to summer.  I like building up colours and textures, it's so much more interesting to me than throwing on one layer in 30 degree heat.  I know however, through dressing as many people as I have, that it is something that lots of people find confusing and difficult.  So I hope that through the course of these Graham St posts, I will be able to help with that and bring confidence to you all, one layer at a time ;)

So here I have chosen to put a pale pink and white striped shirt from Arket over this dress and then this pale blue denim jacket from Zara which 'hardens' the look up a little bit.  I understand that this style of denim jacket wouldn't be to everybody's taste, particularly as one gets older, but just because you're not in your 20s anymore, does NOT mean that you have to stop wearing denim jackets.  It's just about choosing a style that suits you.  For example, Toast always seem to do a neat one that could be worn at any age with most things (here). 

But for now, roll on an Indian Summer and we'll get to layering for the cool Autumn months later.....