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Toast X Graham St - Cambridge

fashionHannah MacLeod
Toast X Graham St - Cambridge

So here we are again, wearing one of our favourite brands in one of our favourite cities. Every time I visit I am reminded how lovely Cambridge is. I could happily live there. Admittedly in the summer you can’t move for tourists but I still think that it has a gravitas and beauty that makes you forgive the inconvenience of it being so busy. Oh my goodness did I see some stylish women too. What struck me was that so many were in their 50s to 60s and it made me wonder why we don’t see more. I assume it is because western society places so much value on youth that as women grow older, they lose their confidence and slip into ‘safe’ rather than stylish. This is rubbish! As we gain in life experiences we should grow more confident in our appearance, not less. When you see a trendy looking older woman, they look SO good. The inner confidence that comes with years of experience coupled with a strong sense of style is a magic combination.


We particularly love these trousers. The pattern is a beige and blue check and the fabric is a wool/cotton mix so they are not itchy - Mum is really sensitive to fabrics but she found them very comfortable. If you have a tummy then front pleats can be unflattering but the pleats on these are far enough apart that the eye is drawn to the flat part, ensuring that the stomach is not accentuated. We teamed them with this gorgeous biscuit coloured cardigan, worn done up and tucked in which is the look for the season.

The little denim jacket is a staple for Toast. I bought one about three years ago and it remains one of my most worn jackets. They are so versatile, particularly good for adding a contemporary edge to a more traditional look. It is a piece that would suit a size 8 or a size 16 equally well.

The sunglasses that Mum is wearing are fabulous. The colour is described as ‘Yellow Havana’ and that is perfect. I have said this before but statement glasses, whether that be sunglasses or spectacles is an area to go as wild and bonkers as you like. Don’t let age stop you from choosing a statement, quite the contrary - the more mature you are, the more you can get away with it!


The dress that I am wearing, I have fallen in love with. The quality of the cotton is very good and the skirt is full (which is a bug bare of mine). It is also a dress that would be flattering on all body types as the cut of the fabric creates a flattering silhouette. The background of the checked fabric is navy, lending itself to being worn with opaque navy tights in Winter (as well as bare legs during the warmer months) - a trans-seasonal dress; winner.


We had a really lovely day in Cambridge - the sun was shining and the skies were blue but the temperature was cool and crisp. What you can’t see from these pictures is my dad, in the background, holding the baby. In fact, if you look really closely, you can actually see him in one, walking out of the frame, pushing the pram. It makes me chuckle every time.


Photography and artwork by Alexandra Mooney



Cardigan, £115

Trousers, £185

Jacket, £175

Neck scarf, £65

Belt, £59

Sunglasses, £159


Dress, £150

Cardigan, £175

Bag, £240

Sunglasses, £135