Hannah MacLeod


Hannah MacLeod

Grey and pink is a lovely combination.  Hot pink and dark grey is also a winning partnership but here I have chosen to showcase their paler cousins.  There is something really lovely about seeing people wearing lighter hues on a dark Winter's day. 

So mum is wearing a coat by Acne - a brand that do simple clean lines very well.  Their price point is definitely not cheap so this is an investment piece.  If you're going to spend money on any part of your outfit, a well made, good quality coat is definitely worth investing in.  I find that although the high street can produce some really great looking coats, they're usually made of cheap fabrics which are not warm.  A coat that isn't warm, kind of defeats the purpose.  Always have a root through the sales, this is the only time that I buy mine - the Joseph sale is a great place to start.

NB. If your budget won't stretch to spending more money on a coat then a great trick is to go to Uniqlo and buy one of their lightweight down jackets and wear this under a nicer looking outerlayer. 

The shirt that mum is wearing here is actually part of a pyjama set from COS, but as the whole 'pyjama' look is on trend, I thought hey, why not.  The check reminds me of the shirts that my Grandpa used to wear which lends itself well to the overall masculine tailoring of mum's outfit.       


Both mine and my mum's trousers have a masculine edge to them, mum's in the cut and mine in the fabric.  The pale pink, cashmere cardigan therefore adds a softness to the outfit which works really well I think.  You'll often find that the best dressed people mix contrasting fabrics, colours and styles very cleverly.  For example, if you're wearing a pretty floral dress, try wearing a structured, tailored coat with it, or smooth leather trousers with a mohair jumper or mix clashing colours like bright orange with hot pink. 

Grey+pink 1.jpg

I absolutely love the patent boots that mum is wearing here from Zara.  They're a great heel height, significant enough to add some lift but low enough so that you can still race around town without wanting to crumble onto the floor halfway through the day, in sheer agony from throbbing feet.  They're also patent and I have always been a big fan of patent leather.

I have chosen Converse because not only are they comfy but I love the look of a hightop trainer with a cropped trouser.  Not only does it keep the look low key, but it's also flattering as the hightops fit snuggly around your ankle. 

Here I am wearing Ray Ban sunglasses which are generally the most affordable of the 'designer' sunglasses.  A little trivia for you; Ray Ban are best known for their aviator sunglasses which were developed during the Second World War for the pilots to protect their eyes whilst flying.  The lenses also do not distort colour which was obviously extremely important.  It makes them a really comfortable pair of sunglasses to wear from day to day and as you can tell, I am fan.  



Shirt, COS . Cardigan, COS (sold out, but similar here) . Coat, Joseph (sold out, similar-and cheaper!-here) . Trousers, Raey at Matches . Boots, Zara (similar here)  


T-Shirt, Uniqlo . Cardigan, COS (sold out, similar here) . Coat, Joseph (sold out, similar-and cheaper!-here)  . Trousers, Whistles . Sunglasses, Ray Ban . Trainers, Converse . Bag, COS (sold out, similar here) .  

Artwork and photography by Alexandra Mooney