Hannah MacLeod


Hannah MacLeod

Often our outfits look really different, despite us wearing at least one of the same items.  Here however, they are very similar but it's the small touches that make them our own.  We are both wearing these camel coloured trousers from COS.  They are made from wool but are incredibly lightweight so would take you through from Winter to early Summer - actually who am I kidding, knowing our British Summers you can bank on wearing these all year round.  Anyhow, they're a great trouser with their high waist, pleat front and tapered leg.  Mum is wearing them long to the floor but I usually like to roll the bottom of my trousers and show a little ankle.  Cheeky.  


If you've read any of my other posts, you'll have seen us both wearing this belt before.  It's brilliant.  From Topshop, it's 100% leather, a nice dark brown colour and has a super simple buckle.  This is the trick with high street buys I think, for ones that you are intending to wear time and time again - look for quality fabrics and go simple....simple and discreet.  The same goes for this FANTASTIC mac.  Honestly, I cannot rave about this mac enough.  It's from Topshop (theme emerging), it's a beautiful quality so hangs really well, it has nice looking buttons which don't belie its high-street tag and it has a vent cut right up the back to your shoulder blades - thoughtful design detail. 

NB. It is cut massively over-sized so we both went down from our usual sizes (I'm a very average height so my normal size drowned me and mum prefers to wear her coats more fitted).   


This jumper is a boxy fit and quite cropped and if mum did not have it tucked in, the hem would sit on the waistband of the trousers.  It's a cotton knit so more of a Spring cover up than a Winter one I guess.  If you're not too keen on a cropped jumper and prefer things to cover your bum, then a nice option is to wear an over-sized white shirt poking out underneath the jumper.  I love cream and white together, I think that it is a very chic combination but just make sure that there is enough of a contrast between the two colours. 


Again, this denim jacket is an old friend from former posts.  It's from Topshop, and they seem to be restocking it every few months.  I like the wash of denim and I like it's length too.  It's the perfect shape to wear as a layer under another coat.  I'm wearing neutral hues and although I love layering tonal colours, it's also nice to break things up sometimes and the blue of the denim works well with this colour palette.  On a practical level, the denim jacket adds warmth with a mac, which are not the warmest of garments.  


I've had these socks for a long time.  I picked them up by the tills in.....Topshop.  I managed to resist the sweets, the lipbalms in weird colours and the novelty hair ties but these socks came with me.  The binary colours means that they go with everything but the bold geometric pattern makes them a bit of a statement.  Who knew that a sock could make an outfit?  Michael Jackson did.      



Jumper, Topshop . Trousers, COS . Belt, Topshop (old, alternative here) . Mac, Topshop (sold out, but this coat would also work really well) . Trainers, Converse


T-Shirt, Uniqlo . Trousers, COS . Belt, Topshop (old, alternative here) . Denim Jacket, Topshop . Mac, Topshop (as above) . Socks, Topshop (old, alternative here) . Brogues, Solovair for Toast

Artwork and photography by Alexandra Mooney