This dress is by American Vintage, which is a great label.  Probably known best for their t-shirts, they’re actually a French owned brand so their designs are that much more refined than you might expect. 

A key trend for this season is bold chintzy floral designs.  Imagine the fabric that used to hang from your Granny’s bedroom windows and there you have it; that is the look.  The key with these fabrics, especially if you’re not in your teens or twenties, is to choose a modern cut-whether that be in a dress, top or trousers.


The cut of this dress is very loose and informal.  I absolutely adore the colours, perfect for Autumn.  Such bold colours might not be for everyone but the joy of this particular dress is that there are so many shades in it, you could always pick out a more subtle colour to wear on top like pale pink and pair it with a navy coat.

Big bold earrings are on trend at the moment, the bigger the better.  These silver half moon earrings are actually ones that mum has had since I was little however just peek at the shops on the high-street and you will see a vast selection of options.   I would be tempted to say go for a pair that are all one colour as the dress is quite busy but hey, if you find something different that you think would work, go for it.  Clashing prints and colours is a ‘look’ this season.


I love these Whistles shoes.  I like the chunkiness of the sole with the softness of the dress.  The masculine style coupled with the chinzy fabric keeps the look cool and contemporary. 


I’m a big fan of pairing colours that clash but work together.  As long as the colour combinations are right then I think that it can elevate a high street outfit into something a bit more special.

This coat is almost a heavy-weight cardigan.  It’s perfect for bridging those months between Summer and Winter.  It’s also a good price for a coat of its nature.  I have to say that it is remarkably similar to one in Sandro but is a third of the price. 

Zara is great for buying one off pieces that you might not buy if they were more expensive.  This tomato red coat for example, you probably wouldn’t buy as your main Winter coat as seen once, not quickly forgotten.  However as an extra to a more neutral one, it is a good value buy.


This is actually a slip dress rather than a skirt.  As it was pretty chilly the day we shot this, I wasn’t brave enough to wear it as a dress. 

I love the simplicity of these ankle boots, often high street shoes tend to over complicate things with design details that are, in my opinion, unnecessary.  This particular pair of boots however are slim in shape and plain in design.  Perfect.   



Dress American VintageJumper American VintageCoat SandroShoes WhistlesEarrings Mum's own


Dress (similar here) ZaraJumper Toast . Coat Zara . Tights Marks&Spencer .  Boots Topshop .   

Photography and Artwork by Alexandra Mooney