Orange is the new Black.  Not actually strictly true (for those of you who don't know, it's the title of an American TV series) but it is a great colour and one that epitomises Autumn.  I think that alot of people shy away from orange but it really is such a lovely colour and one that actually suits most complexions. 

If you've chosen a bold colour in your jumper, then you might want to choose more neutral colours to go with it.  Both navy and charcoal grey look fantastic with orange, as do these dark green trousers.

I think that I should mention here that this is always just advice that I write in these posts.  I am such a huge fan of people experimenting and using clothes to express themselves.  I really do believe that anything goes.  As long as you wear your outfits with confidence and conviction then you'll look great.  The key as far as i'm concerned is comfort.  That is KEY.  The minute that you put something on that you don't feel comfortable in, then the outfit will wear you, rather than the other way around.  I think that a decade ago and beyond there was much more of a 'right' and 'wrong', 'in' and 'out', 'trendy' 'not trendy'.  I don't think that applies anymore.  It's all about individual style.  


There dark green trousers are such a beautiful shape.  The paper-bag waist and front box-pleats both add up to an extremely flattering waistline.  I like that they taper at the bottom too, also flattering on the leg.  I think that when wearing these trousers always tuck your top in, otherwise you lose the beautiful shape.  A cream silk blouse would be a lovely alternative to a fitted jumper, as would a T-shirt in the warmer months.

These shoes are perfect for those of you who are not keen on wearing much of heel but like a bit of a lift.  This style has been spearheaded by the ultra chic label, Celine.  Since hitting the catwalk, the V-cut shoe is everywhere and I love them.  Great for adding a fashionable edge to a simple outfit, or with something that you have had for a while that needs a bit of a contemporary injection. 


What makes this skirt work is the contrast of shape vs fabric.  If you were to say 'red PV skirt' to me, this isn't exactly what would spring to mind.  Yet, here I am in a red PV skirt thinking hey, this could be good for a wedding.  

Ive also gone for another colour clash that I love - red and orange - with an accent of green (much like many fruits that I can think of infact). 

If you wanted to go even more bold and channel one colour, the red mohair jumper that I wore in the Winter Florals post would look fantastic with this skirt.



Jumper American VintageTrousers COSNeck scarf Toast . Shoes COSEarrings Mum's own . 


Jumper American Vintage . Skirt Baum und PferdgartenShirt MajeShoes Whistles  

Photography and Artwork by Alexandra Mooney