The golden colour of this skirt paired with pure silk makes it a match made in heaven.  Perfect for these autumnal days. 

This charcoal grey, mohair jumper is another All Saints winner.  I hope that you’ll agree that the combination of golden silk and charcoal grey is gorgeous – they make very happy bedfellows.  To soften the transition from wool to silk however, mum is wearing a brushed cotton checked shirt, it’s a lovely way of giving the outfit an even more relaxed vibe and I’m always a massive fan of mixing the textures of fabrics- it just always looks more interesting to me.

This is a relatively casual look considering mum is wearing a silk skirt however to make it look more casual, wear a flat leather boot, but always make sure that you can’t see the top of the boot below the hem of the skirt, it's much more chic that way.  The waistband of this skirt is elasticated so you could always shimmy the skirt down your hips to make the skirt and boots meet.

There is a myriad of ways of making this skirt work for you in the evening too.  A silk blouse or a more fitted cashmere or wool jumper would look great.  And it could also be worn on holiday with a t-shirt in the summer and a pair of leather sandals.  I feel like I’m selling this skirt hard – the cheque from Toast is in the post!   I just really love it.  Having said that, mum and I do both agree that it could possibly have a little more fabric in it.

Oh, and if you’re wearing opaque tights (which I would recommend) then you might need to wear a slip underneath as the silk is prone to sticking on the tights.

I have gone for a more casual look.  I guess that just suits my lifestyle better and I tend to err on the more casual side of things generally.  I'm wearing the same jumper as mum but in a pale grey, which immediately makes the outfit look more casual.  

This denim jacket is great.  It’s a Topshop one and as always , it’s more trend led than some other denim jackets on the highstreet.  It’s long in the body and quite square in shape, making the overall look very ‘80’s’.  It is perfect for layering and would also look cool under a wool coat for the colder winter months.

My neckscarf is another Toast piece.  It’s so useful for adding a splash of colour around your face – particularly in the winter when I could honestly stand in front of a whitewashed wall and disappear.  Grey is also quite a draining colour for a lot of people so a coloured neckscarf is a good tip.

I’m a massive fan of an exposed sock.  It’s not a look for everyone granted, but if you too like a proud sock then COS always have a great offering.  Particularly at the moment.  I love the fact that these ones are in the style of a traditional mens sock.

And then the Whistles shoes.  Love love the style although I have to say that they are really quite uncomfortable to walk in.  The sole is solid so there is no give- so you sort of have to roll your foot across the ground.  It sounds stranger than it is but as I have pathetic feet that are extremely prone to blisters, I would find them very uncomfortable to wear for any length of time.

They’re a great looking shoe though!  No?  Brilliant with jeans too.    


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Jumper All SaintsSkirt ToastDenim Jacket TopshopNeck Scarf Toast . Socks COS . 

Shoes Whistles

Photography and Artwork by Alexandra Mooney