Hannah MacLeod


Hannah MacLeod

Ah red.  Such a fantastic colour and yet one that I find myself unconsciously avoiding.  I have always felt that it doesn't suit my colouring but actually there are so many variations of red that it is just about finding the tone to suit you.  Most reds fall into one of two categories, a blue red or an orange red.  I guess that traditionally I'd be inclined to say that blue reds suit fair haired people more and orange reds, dark haired people.  BUT,  I have completely undermined my own argument here as both myself and mum are wearing an orange red jumper from Whistles and we love it.  I'm also quite loath to go down the 'these colours suit these complexions, and these colours suit others' as I think that it can depend on so many other factors such as what you are wearing that colour with, what make-up you have on and even what mood you're in.  And that ladies and gentleman, leads me nicely on to the power of the colour red....   


If you wake up feeling a bit BLAH, stick on something red.  It's counter intuitive I know, as if you're like me, when I feel a bit meh, I tend to choose something inconspicuous but don't!  Embrace colour.  The powers of a red top/jumper/coat/scarf are the same as that of red lipstick.  If your skin looks a little grey and your bags could be mistaken as the result of a collision with a lamp post, then embrace red.  It will instantly brighten your complexion, detracting from sallow skin making you look better and - more importantly - actually feel better.  Once you feel better on the inside, you'll look better on the outside.  Promise.


Now let's talk about these Kurt Geiger boots.  If these bad boys don't make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside then I don't know what will.  The round toe, coupled with the chelsea boot style, plus the chunky heel and brilliant colour make them, in my opinion, absolutely wonderful.  Although they are red, they are so versatile as they are an 'outfit elevator'.  You could throw on a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, but wear these boots and a pair of big hoop earrings and you're ready for a night out.  Or a 3/4 length summer dress would look fantastic too.  


Here, I have gone for all-out red.  If you are going to do this then I would suggest breaking up the different hues.  So choosing one piece in a blue red and another in an orange red.  Wearing all one colour is still a big trend for this season so if you're feeling brave, DO IT.  The shops are awash with pastel colours at the moment and I think that these hues lend themselves beautifully to the one-colour dressing approach too.  


Now in terms of a coat, you could go all out and opt for red again. Punchy but awesome.  But if you're wanting to tone things down a little or indeed don't actually have a red coat, then navy looks lovely.  I'd always choose navy over black as I'm generally not a fan of heavy black with bright colours but that's just my opinion.  As we know, fashion is SO subjective and that is absolutely the way that it should be.  I frequently walk down the street and see someone that has put together an outfit that challenges rules that I previously held to be gospel and I think, you look A-MAZING.  Well, there goes that idea.  And so the evolution of my own style continues.....  



Shirt - Topshop (sold out but similar here) .  Jumper - Whistles (sold out but similar here) . Trousers - COS (sold out but similar here) . Boots - Kurt Geiger .

Coat - Isabel Marant, Etoile . Bag - Joseph 


Jumper - Whistles (sold out but similar here) . Trousers - COS . Boots - Kurt Geiger . Coat - Topshop

Hat - Topshop (sold out but similar here) .  Sunglasses - RayBan 

Photography and artwork by Alexandra Mooney