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Who wears the trousers

fashionHannah MacLeod
Who wears the trousers

Double vision. We loved the same pair of trousers so much, that we both had to buy them. Everyone needs a good pair of winter trousers in their wardrobe.  That pair of trousers which can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion - the ones that are flattering, easy to wear and don’t loose their shape. If you’re thinking - ‘YES YES, I know the ones, I just never know where to find them!’ - then I sympathise. I shop for a living and I still struggle to find ‘that’ perfect pair. I hope however, that this blog post and our shopping edit (below) will help.

This is why mum and I both fell head-over-heels with these from COS. The super high waist with a pleated front is very flattering, whilst the light-weight wool holds its shape well. A tie around the waist means that you can cinch them in, helping to create as small a waistline as possible!

Having said this, generally Mum would prefer her trousers to be full length, rather than cropped at the ankle. I would always choose this length as I think that it is very elegant to see a bit of ankle, but then I am a lover of a bold sock.  If you are in Mum’s camp then you will be wondering what to wear in order to keep your ankles warm in Winter…. right?


So, ankle warmers. You could opt for navy blue socks (not too woolly though) and make sure that they are long ones so as not to expose the top of the sock when you’re on the move! Or, a very low denier navy blue pop sock/tights would work well (if your trousers are not navy, then go with whatever colour they are). I have to say, I’m not a big fan of skin coloured tights as a rule but I know that you can get some pretty amazing ones these days, which are extremely convincing. Try Wolford and Falke for great examples - they are expensive but the quality is magnificent and as long as you’re careful, should last so much longer than a cheap pair and feel SO much nicer against your skin.


As I’ve mentioned before, scarves are such a fantastic way of adding colour around the face, particularly in Winter when we all start to look a little paler. To keep the look contemporary, choose modern prints and designs, I always think that geometric prints work brilliantly, otherwise keep things super simple with very little print.

Scarves are also an easy way to tie in other colours from your outfit, for example here we have tied in mum’s shoes to an otherwise super simple colour palette of navy and cream.


Heritage prints (tartans, checks and tweeds) are huge for this season, as are earthy colours.  Essentially, your wardrobe should seek inspiration from the autumnal hues we see all around us at this time of year. For example, we have not seen brown in the shops for a long, long time but things are about to change. If you are someone that loves your autumn tones, then stock up, because this is your moment.

Fear not though, if browns, beiges and all things fawn make you want to run for the hills, there will be lighter, brighter options! This top is a nod to the latest trends, but remains predominantly blue with an accent of caramel and brown. The tartan has also been ‘super-sized’ which is a modern twist on the traditional fabric.



Back now to where we started, the trousers.  Because of the paper-bag waist and the waist-tie, you would always want to wear tops that tuck in. For evening, a plain silk blouse or a patterned shirt would look fantastic. The red polka dot shirt that mum and I wore in the last post (here) would look fantastic. I’ve also worn heeled boots in order to demonstrate how heels work extremely well with this length  and would be another great way of dressing the trousers up; perfect for meeting the dreaded ‘smart/casual’ dress code….!

Below I have put together a gallery. Classic pieces for your wardrobe that will stand you in good stead , particularly as the party season draws nearer...



Trousers, COS . Jumper, M&S . Scarf, & Other Stories (sold out but really like this one and this one is great). Clutch bag, & Other Stories (featured in As Smooth As Silk) .


Trousers, COS . Jumper, Warehouse .



1 . Black wide-leg trousers, John Lewis & Partners, £79

2 . Black wide leg cropped trousers, Jaeger, £99

3 . Black satin tapered trousers, Arket, £79

4 . Black tapered leg trousers, Hobbs, £99

5 . Black wide-leg cropped trousers, Weekend MaxMara, £190

6 . Black tapered high-waisted trousers, Weekend MaxMara, £170

7 . Black spotty trousers, Whistles, £129

8 . Black wide-leg trousers, Whistles, £105 (in the sale)

9 . Navy slim leg trousers, Marks & Spencer, £59