Don’t even get me started on how much I love these culottes. 

I love them.  High waisted (so flatering), needle-cord (on trend), beige (go with everything), and so wide in the leg that they’re almost a skirt (so feminine).   What more could you ask for in a trouser?

In terms of footwear, as the culottes are very volumous I would be inclined to say that a heel is more flattering.  However, if heels aren’t your bag, then a flat boot would also look good.

This dressing gown style coat is a lovely version.  Unlike a lot of coats in this style, it has structured shoulders which makes all the difference.  For most people it is much more flattering to have a structured shoulder, particularly when the rest of the coat is in a relaxed cut.  This one is from H&M and so is incredibly good value.


This All Saints jumper is also winner.  Mainly because I love the sleeves and the large cuffs.  It’s such a great design detail that elevates the jumper from run of the mill, high street purchase to something more interesting and stylish.

I am obviously wearing exactly the same outfit as mum.  I hope that this demonstrates how easy it is for women of different ages to wear the same outfit.  I wonder whether as an older woman you might look at me and think ‘yes, yes, very nice but she’s half my age’.  Then you look at mum in the exact same outfit and think, ‘oh, ok, she’s in her 60s and it works for her, maybe I could wear that afterall’.  If so, i'm pleased.  And for those of you who are in your 60s and immediately thought, ‘well I would always think that I could wear it too’ – wicked. 



Culottes Weekend MaxmaraJumper All Saints . Coat H&MBelt HobbsBoots Maje


Culottes Weekend MaxmaraJumper All SaintsFaux Fur Coat H&MBoots Topshop . 

Photography and Artwork by Alexandra Mooney